​"Capable of projecting light energy 8 feet or more, making this light ideal for greenhouse applications"

"A true one-for-one replacement to traditional HID"

​"One fixture is capable of vegetation and flowering without changing spectrums"


Revolutionary Technology.

TRUE FULL SPECTRUM of light including all essential colors of blues. greens, yellows, oranges and reds. 

Maximum plant response and photosynthesis activation from by replicating the Sun's natural complete spectrum. 

Blue and red only LED fixtures are NOT a full spectrum and produce a purple color that is harmful to the eye and plants.


Science states "the surface area of the light source is directly related to the intensity and total energy produced"; in other words, the larger the light source, the greater total energy produced and the intensity shall be. Similar to the Earth having a single sun vs. 100 small suns. Plant life would most certainly NOT grow the same with 100 small suns. Go Grow LED delivers unmatched intensity and energy that smaller 3W or 5W chips simply cannot produce, no matter how many you put together. 

Everyone Claims To Have The Best.

Now, it's time for the truth be told...

Who has the highest PPFD values?

Which fixture provides the best efficiency per dollar? 

Who has the most comprehensive color spectrum for vegetation and flower?

Which fixture has the best square footage coverage?

How do I know if a fixture will produce results similar to HID? 

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