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Don't Be Fooled By Inaccurate Claims & Misleading "Research", Let Science & Math Prove What's Best 

The only question you need ask yourself is, would plant life on Earth be as plentiful, healthy and vibrant if the Earth had 100 small Suns? Hopefully you answered no, because that is correct. So why use an LED grow light that has this inherent flaw of small light sources which replicate 100 small Suns and lack intensity and the power to stimulate healthy growth.

Unlike other LED, fluorescent, HID, or induction products that contain limited blue or red spectrums, Go Grow LED replicates the sun's natural full spectrum for a complete cycle, veg to flower, with one light!

Growth is dependent upon penetration of light at the cellular level of any plant. Hence, the higher the lamp wattage, the greater the penetration. Go Grow LED uses a patented single high wattage chip, not several low wattage lamps. After all, there aren't several small suns, right? 

Sunlight provides an ideal intensity of light, delivering photons (PPFD) to the plants that stimulate photosynthesis and growth. The Go Grow LED provides more photons per watt that any other light on the market for efficient and productive results!

The Power of Penetration

A True Full Spectrum LED

   The Power Of A Single Chip

500 Powerful Watts                                Say NO to Weak                                              Say NO to High 
 In A Single Chip                                     3W & 5W Chips                                               Energy Usage


Revolutionary Technology.

Go Grow LED Grow Lights possess the ideal true full Spectral Range of light (450nm - 760nm) and relative total energy for maximum plant response and photosynthesis activation. Our patent pending technology targets the Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) Light Energy that plants see and utilize and possess the power to effectively penetrate the plant's canopy.

But what truly separates Go Grow LED is the use of our patent pending high-powered single LED chip design.  Smaller 3W & 5W chips cannot achieve the intensity or total energy needed to effectively produce productive and healthy growth, according to numerous LED Grow Light reviews. This is due to the fact that no matter how many 3W or 5W chips you utilize to create a high wattage fixture, the intensity (or power to penetrate the plant's canopy) is limited to the power of those small 3W or 5W chip, NOT the total wattage of the fixture. The mathematical science behind this states "the surface area of the light source is directly related to the intensity and total energy produced"; in other words, the larger the light source, the greater total energy produced and intensity shall be. Similar to the Earth having a single sun vs. 100 small suns. Plant life would most certainly NOT grow the same with 100 small suns. Go Grow LED provides the best LED grow lights, indoor grow lights and greenhouse supplemental lights on the market today! 

Everyone Claims To Have The Best...

Now, it's time for the truth be told! Who has the highest PAR or PPFD values per-watt or per-dollar? Who's has the penetration and concentration to take advantage of that light? We've compiled a list of the top-performing lights in the grow market today and prepared an easy comparison chart.