The Concept, Simple...The Results, Simply Amazing

Like any great idea or product, it typically solves a problem.

LED lights are great for saving energy, their cool operating temperatures, long life, low maintenance an so on, but lack one BIG component; the ability to project light for any reasonable distance. Yes, this is why growers need to put their LED lights right on top of the plants to get any type of decent growth. While we do appreciate all the benefits of LED's, this layout is not in any way ideal. You need more LED fixtures to cover the same area as you would HID and you have to constantly adjust the height of the LED. Not exactly practical, right! This is the problem with LED grow lights, ESPECIALLY IN GREENHOUSE APPLICATIONS.

Our team (comprised of lighting experts, master growers and LED engineers) realized this problem existed and were determined to find a solution. That solution, the single high wattage LED chip. As we are sure you have seen, all other LED grow lights use numerous small and inefficient 3W - 5W LED chips. This is partly because those components are inexpensive and partly because the higher wattage the LED chip, the exponentially harder it gets to cool it. However, our team was not concerned with costs, profits, overhead, or margins, we simply wanted to solve the problem.


The Earth has a single large and powerful Sun for a reason. Mathematics calculates that the larger the surface area of a light source, the greater the energy produced per square meter and the greater the power of penetration. Think about that for a minute. If this is true, then why are LED manufacturers making LED grow lights with an inherent flaw; numerous small and weak light sources? Profit, profit, profit!

Go Grow LED grow lights are designed to replicate the Earth's single powerful Sun by utilizing a single powerful light source, the single LED chip. This creates an extremely powerful LED light source that is now capable of projecting 4ft, 6ft, 8ft even 10ft while still delivering the PPF (micromoles) needed to stimulate active growth. But we didn't stop their! Our team also found that LED grow lights were misleading in using the term "full spectrum". A full spectrum light is not comprised of solely red, blue and white. A full spectrum is the Sun's natural spectrum of light which includes, red and blue but also greens and and oranges and yellows. So, we also made certain Go Grow LED lights were a TRUE FULL SPECTRUM. For those unaware of what this is, here is a picture.


From theory, to concept, to testing, to results, our team proved this single chip design, and mathematics, to hold true. This is why Go Grow LED's can truly replace an HID on a one for one basis and works great for supplemental lighting in greenhouses. These LED's truly do harness the power of the Sun.