Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting
Indoor Growing

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Vertical Farming

Environmentally Friendly

Go Grow LED develops products that make less impact on the environment and use materials that are not harmful to its inhabitants. All products are mercury free, long-life and energy-efficient.  

Cost Savings

Go Grow LED utilizes a patented technology to create a light source that replicates the sun's natural spectrums while using 50% less energy and 70% less heat than traditional lighting at equivalent-brightness. Plus, the lower thermal properties provide for less cooling cost and a longer-lasting product. The savings add up!

  • Cooling costs
  • Hid Lamp replacement
  • Different spectrum lamps
  • Ballasts 
  • Electrical upgrade savings 
  • Energy cost

Average Yield Increase

Estimated minimum increase is 10% - 20% in yields. Over 30% has been reported in some cases.

Average Increase In Cycle Timeline  

Estimated time reduction from seed to flower cycle is 5% - 10%

Quality & Results

Because the Go Grow LED replicates the sun's natural spectrum, the quality and result of your harvest will be packed full of nutrients and visually appealing. With less excess heat and more balanced coverage, some growers have even reduced the amount of chemicals added to the plant. 

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