Professional Applications

The Professional Grower

Bring ideal sunlight into your facility any time of the year, day or night. Produce great looking, quality yields several times per year while reducing wattage and heat when compared to traditional HID lamps. 


Powerful & Functional

A single 500W Go Grow LED chip can produce more light output than that of a 1000W HID lamp. Smartphone control capabilities and manual dimmer switches create ideal controls from the veg cycle through the flowering cycle in a single fixture.

The Home Grower

There is nothing better than fresh herbs and vegetables. Bring a taste of freshness to your cooking and fragrant aromas throughout your household. 


Sleek & Simple

The home grower can bring natural sunlight into their home with a sleek and simple fixture that can mount under any cabinet or utility room. Similar to the size of a standard undercabinet light or ceiling canopy, these 40W to 100W units are easy to set-up and use.  

Home Applications

True full-spectrum LED grow lights for beginner and professional growers. 

Our products range in wattage from a single 20W chip, all the way up to a single 500W chip.  

Consult our sales staff to identify which product is right for you. 

What We Offer

Go Grow LED is a United States research firm and manufacturer of true full-spectrum LED indoor grow lights featuring the most powerful high-wattage-density single-unit COB LED modules available today.

We have successfully merged the expertise of specialists in advanced lighting with the those in the agricultural industry to deliver the best system for Grow Lights to date. The result, a single LED fixture capable of real results from start to finish, with consistently reduced grow-cycles and increased yields.

Unlike other LED products, the Go Grow LED replicates the sun's natural and full color spectrum to bring the power of the sun wherever you want it. Don't believe us? Read any LED grow light reviews and compare the numbers to any officially published Go Grow LED performance ratings. Every complaint and shortcoming to previous generations of LED grow lighting has finally been solved. 


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