How does Go Grow LED reduce operating cost?

  • Our chip technology runs 70% cooler then traditional lighting sources, allowing for less cooling infrastructure and better thermal management of your grow space.
  • LED’s are user-friendly and completely hands-free maintenance.

  • The longevity of Go Grow's high output chips ensures consistent long-lasting spectrum and intensity that ensures high yields and enhanced crop production. 

  • Lower power consumption from Go Grow LED lighting requiring less power infrastructure accounting for huge savings in time and cost efficiency of your electricity usage, typically greater than 50%.

Will Go Grow lights work in both stages of growth?

  • Yes, both full spectrum grow chips are ideal for the vegetative and flowering stages of growth.

How long will the Go Grow LED last?

  • Go Grow LED fixtures have a 5-year guarantee. We also provide the driver as well as the high power chips we use. The Go Grow LED figure should last 7-8 years if not longer depending on daily usage.
  • Fixture construction is built-to-last with strong materials and top quality craftsmanship.
  • All fixtures are IP-65 wet location rated with UL or pending UL certifications.

Where are Go Grow LED Fixtures made?

  • From start to finish, Go Grow LED products are made in the United States of America.

How does the Go Grow LED differ from conventional lighting?

  • Where do we start? Go Grow utilizes patented technology that differs from typical light sources. Our single high power chips produce the strongest cellular penetration levels of any lighting on the market today, thereby producing faster, larger yields. Combine this with a true full spectrum, from 460nm through 760nm, and the results are truly astounding.   

Plug and play?

  • Yes, our fixtures are true plug-and-play, with full adjustability, and optional smart-phone controls for user convenience.
  • The fixture has a 15ft cord for added ease of installation.
  • Fixtures are linkable for multiple-unit use.

What do plants need to thrive?

  • Plants absorb light waves from Go Grow LED full-spectrum technology providing the entire vital light spectrum plants need.
  • Go Grow LED provides the technology to produce high-power-concentration chips capable of enhanced crop production.

How far from the plants should you position the light?

  • Depending on the number of lights and desired intensity this can differ for each application. Your sales consultant will guide you through this process to implement what would be the best scenario for your situation.

Why is Full-Spectrum important?

  • Plants in both stages of growth require light waves from both sides of the spectrum, and everything in the middle. This gives your plants the full spectrum of light, allowing maximum growth and crop yields.

How do you replace the driver?

  • The driver is internally mounted. Therefore, in the unlikely event it needs to be replaced, you would simply send the fixture to our factory for replacement.

How do you replace the chip, if needed?

  • The chips are externally mounted to the fixture so the end-user can simply and easily replace and swap if needed.

Is there a warranty?

  • Yes, there is a 5-year warranty with all Go Grow LED products