No Money Out-Of-Pocket Cost Program

The Program

Go Grow LED is so confident in its cost savings capabilities, efficiency and performance, we will supply any number of lights needed with no out of pocket costs.

How It Works
Go Grow LED lights are much more efficient and operate at much cooler temperatures than traditional HID lamps and ballasts. In fact, our lights use (on average) 60% LESS energy than metal halides and high pressure sodium lamps.

 As a result of the reduced wattage being utilized, combined with the cooler operating temperatures (reduced A/C costs), your energy bill will be significantly lower on a monthly and annual basis.
The monthly energy savings will then pay for the Go Grow LED fixtures over the time period calculated (see example below).

What happens after the fixtures are paid for? Think of the program as a lease to own. After the final payment is made, you own the fixtures to use for the remainder of their useful life. All Go Grow LED fixtures carry a full five (5) year warranty, but have an expected useful life of 10 years. This means you not only own the LED fixtures, but also pocket the monthly energy savings until its time to replace the fixtures!

Sample Program Sale

Qty: (50) Master Series 500W LED Fixtures (to replace 1000W HID)
Cost: $1999.99/ea.
KwH Cost: $0.12/Kwh
Monthly Usage: 540 hours

 Existing HID Fixture @ 1000W:                                      Go Grow LED @ 500W:
(*1380W x 540)/1000 = 745 Kwh                                     (*560W x 540)/1000 = 302 Kwh
745 Kwh x $0.12 = $89.40                                                302 Kwh x $0.12 = $36.24

Maintenance Cost = $10.50 (lamp & ballast)                    Maintenance Cost = $0.00
$99.90 x 50 fixtures = $4,995                                            $36.24 x 50 fixtures = $1,812

Monthly Savings = $3,183 (PAID TO GO GROW LED)
Lease To Own Term:  31.4 months ** ($99,999.50 / $3,183)

* 1380W includes 1000W lamp, 80W ballast and 300W A/C| 500W includes LED and 60W A/C
**Utility rebates are available in most areas for installing LED’s which will reduce term further

Try It Before You Buy It Demo Program

Wouldn't it be nice if you could try products out before you purchase them? Avoid all the pitfalls, the frustration, the tricky marketing schemes and blatant lies!

Go Grow LED is so confident in it's grow light, that we are offering a 30 - 60 day demo program to test our product(s). No questions, no strings attached! If you like, keep it and buy it (and hopefully buy more as well). If for whatever reason you do not like it, return it to us at NO charge. We will even provide you the return shipping label.


  • Limit 1 fixture demo per customer 
  • Credit card must be provided in exchange for demo product

         and will be pre-authorized as security against damage, loss or theft.

  • Valid identification must also be provided (driver's license, state ID or passport)
  • 30 - 60 day demo period will begin when the product is delivered.
  • Return shipping label will be provided and an email reminder will be sent

          notifying you of demo expiration time period.

  • A 15 day grace period is extended for product return, after which time, the credit card on file and pre-authorized will be charged an captured.

To Try It Out - Send An Email Inquiry To: