Dated: 2/25/15 at 12:33PM

Go Grow LED Full Spectrum

Technical Data

Everyone can claim to have the best LED grow light on the market, but what most lack is the scientific data to support those claims. Plants do not see light as the human eye does, therefore, any grow light that references solely lumens, kelvin and wattage should be discredited. This is because the plant perceives light though Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR), and converts the amount of light received, via photons (PPFD) into energy to promote photosynthesis and growth. See our comparison to other grow lights

A True Full Spectrum Grow Light

Currently, the Go Grow LED is being tested by various universities for sustainable indoor grow capabilities. It's one-of-a-kind patented high-wattage full-spectrum single LED chip provides a new opportunity to grow better, faster and smarter for the agricultural and horticultural industries. Our LED truly brings the natural light of the sun right into your hands. Do not be fooled by other LED fixtures that claim to be full-spectrum. Despite what you may have heard or read, no blend colors available from standard off-the-shelf LEDs can make a full spectrum.

Even newer grow lights which have switched to White LEDs have large gaps and inconsistencies when analyzed with a spectrograph. Commercially available LEDs today may appear white, but you'll notice color photographs viewed under this light are not as true or vivid as when viewed under sunlight.

The Power of Penetration

Our products utilize a single high-powered LED chip for maximum cellular plant penetration. Most other LED products on the market use a series of 3W or 5W chips to create a 300W or 500W fixture. The problem with this approach is that they only possess the power of 5W and 10W chips, even though in total, the fixture is 300W or 500W. The power of a 5W or 10W LED is not strong enough to properly and sufficiently penetrate a plant at the cellular level to stimulate growth, particularly during the flowering stages. For this reason, LED's have failed to produce any better or faster yields then traditional lighting. The Go Grow LED provides the high power and penetration needed to maximize growth and provide faster, better quality yields for indoor growing.      

Heat Management & Thermals   

The real reason all other LED grow light manufacturers utilize smaller 3W and 5W chips is heat! Don't let them fool you with talk of efficiency or a better balanced light, the truth is heat. As you can imagine a single high-wattage LED chip produces significantly more heat than smaller chips. Developing a way to manage that heat and keep a cool-operating fixture is extremely difficult, and expensive. Our patented heat dissipation design manages the heat of our high wattage fixtures and keeps everything a cool temperature, both internally and externally. The average heat rating of our fixture after 12 hours is between 82 - 87 degrees.  

Sun's Spectrum At Noon 

Go Grow LED Technology

LED grow lights are the newest lighting option for plants. They are the most efficient and coolest-running grow lights available. Go Grow LED, along with independent third parties, have tested several different types of LED grow lights and found very few even slightly outperform much-cheaper grow lights of similar wattage. None have adopted the latest developments in LED manufacturing, changes which allow more wattage from a single LED unit than ever before.

Standard LED grow lights are also not recommended for use with plants that you want to be viewed, because they give plants an unnatural appearance due to the combination of only blue and red LED diodes used. The Go Grow LED changes everything!  

Go Grow LED fixtures have been tested by professional agriculturalists, hydroponic specialists and Universities. The test result found the Go Grow LED outperformed any other LED, fluorescent, incandescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium and induction fixture. Additionally, because the Go Grow LED provides a true full spectrum of light that duplicates the sun, the color of light is a natural looking white light which gives the plants a natural appearance.